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Name Organization name Event type Location
2017 Mattie Lively Fall School
Banks Children Statesboro
Brooklet Elementary Fall 2017 School Brooklet
Claxton Elementary Spring 2018 School
Claxton High Class of 2018 Seniors
First United Methodist Preschool Pre-School Statesboro
Houston Seniors
Joy Sheppard Seniors Statesboro
Kelsey Seniors Statesboro
Mally Savannah Seniors Savannah
Mattie Lively Spring 2018 School
Nevils Elementary Spring 2018 School
Newsome Seniors Statesboro
Portal Elementary Spring 2018 School
Portal High School Class of 2018 Seniors
Portal Middle High Spring Sports Sports PMHS
Salter Seniors Savannah
SHS Baseball 2018 Sports Statesboro
SHS Class of 2018 Seniors Statesboro
SHS Cross Country Sports Statesboro
SHS Football Sports Statesboro
SHS Pageant 2018 School Statesboro
SHS Volleyball Sports Statesboro